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"...I let the overall landscape of the circuit board “show” me what the final image is ~ I have a dialogue with the circuit board that is concurrently the canvas as well as the subject.""... 透過電子板上的線路和自己的想像力,順著不同的線路用筆推動,從而透過推動畫出不同的圖形,就好像和電子板 “溝通”,而電子板同時是畫布和主題。..." Lam is a young man whose childhood interest led to a discovery. He is soft-spoken, a little shy, very understated. But once he gets into talking about art and his work, he lights up and gets very animated. It’s clear he loves his work, and he is focused and driven ~ the desire to push current boundaries and try new directions (e.g. sculpture) is apparent. Yet, although I can see there is a drive from within, his artwork is real

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