Art Consultant Alison Pickett’s Favourite Hong Kong Object is a Tiny Tree

Art consultant Alison Pickett is standing in her airy Kennedy Town studio—a tumble of books, papers, ceramics and sculptures—talking about her favourite locally designed object. Although her specialty is to find and commission monumental sculptures and art collections for blue-chip hotel, airline, private club and property developer clients, the object in question is much more humble in scale: a miniature sculpture of a tree that appears to be growing out of a white plastic electrical outlet plug. “I was drawn to it because of the joy of simply being able to hold a piece of tactile sculpture in my hand,” she says, waving the tiny sculpture around. “It is the complete contrast and opposite of

A tree protects? (Raincoat Man)

A tree protects? Trees can shelter from wind and rain, a withered tree, still play a protective role? 大樹底下好遮蔭? 大樹可以遮風擋雨,一棵枯萎了的樹,它還起保護作用嗎?

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