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銅樹生花 – 林佑森2017創作個展

展期:2017.05.05-2017.06.04 開幕:2017.05.06(六)15:00pm 地點:秋刀魚藝術中心(台北市中山區基湖路137號一樓)

銅樹生花 – 林佑森2017創作個展

展覽《銅樹生花》林佑森創作個展,將展出林佑森最新系列雕塑作品,反映藝術家眼中隱藏於當代城市中的有機景貌,探討生物、山水與都市棄景的關係。從目睹水管縫隙之間長出植物為起源,林佑森賦予各式電子器材、被淘汰的工業成品一種新的藝術生命。以銅管銅線、金屬零件為骨幹;並以鐵鏽為綠葉,他採用現成物及機械組成一片工業叢林。此次個展將於5月5日到6月4日於秋刀魚藝術中心展出,並於5月6日舉行與藝術家面對面開幕茶會。 金屬零件既是藝術家兒時常接觸的媒材,滿佈銅管的外牆、鋪陳各種電子產品的工作桌亦構成了藝術家生活中的日常風景。林氏將今天觸目所及的電子金屬風景,融入生態及有機物的元素,創作出具機械感的當代雕塑。在城市的後巷中所見的、在狹縫間生存的植物,演變為每件作品上由銅線或銀線所製成的樹木,本身即為都市綠洲之喻。銅鐵在化學鏽蝕過程中一直氧化,物料猶如擁有生命力般一直隨環境蛻變。由眼見之綠,轉化為銅樹上的生命,藝術家以雕塑作為「生」的象徵。 對物料的敏感度使藝術家能靈活運用水喉、電腦散熱器、插頭、露營火水燈等隨處可見的現成物,融匯為微觀的工業叢林。粗獷的金屬物料在藝術家的形塑下,流露出細膩的反差與深遠的意味,以及意想不到的寧謐氛圍。對於活在都市的人類而言,大部分的綠化都是人工計劃下的產物。我們就如同作品中的小人物一樣,處於模糊的城市與自然的邊界,對於自然的認知已然動搖。透過置換物料的功能、重塑其形態,林佑森點出人類、城市及自然的關係正在逐步扭轉與變異。

Socket Tree in Flower – Lam YauSum 2017 Solo Exhibition


Opening:2017.05.06(六)15:00 pm

Venue: Fish Art Center

The solo exhibition of Lam YauSum is going to hold from 5th May to 4th June at Fish Art Center and the opening of the exhibition will be host on 6th May. This exhibition, “ Socket Tree in Flower”, would show the latest sculptures by Lam to showcase the organic cityscape hidden in the artist’s vision.The growth of plantations among the slits of water-pipes and infrastructures has set off Lam in devising his epitome of contemporary industrial forests. Using the water-pipes and abandoned electronic components as the trunks, wires on circuit board as the branches and rust as leaves, the artist deconstructed the ready-mades and infused them with an organic, invigorated life-form.

Derived from the plantations growing among the slits of water-pipes, Lam sees the confluence between cityscape and the Nature. As if the artist revealed his surprise of his discovery, Lam translated his observation of the blurred boundary of artificial and natural into tangible mixed media works combine with an organic touch. The plantations seed the wired-trees in each piece while the rusting process of metal as taken off its growth, giving the sculptures a flourish of leaves and a metaphor of life.

In the past years, Lam YauSum has been working largely with various metal hardware and electronic components. The sensitivity of Lam towards materials and their spatial arrangement allows the ingenious use of ready-mades such as water pipes, computer radiators, electric plugs and camping lamp in his oeuvre. Despite the bold and rugged materiality, his sculptures permeate a delicate and bucolic tranquility of cityscape. As the façade of our globe inevitably evolves along with urbanization, the artist further destabilized our perception of nature. His works are strong rhetoric on the subtle mutation of our relationship with the habitat.

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